Where Did TEK Come From?


Since April 2010, The Everywhere Kids have been performing around Coquitlam, BC. TEK have performed at numerous charity events, community functions, and private bookings. Their run of weekly Tuesday shows ended in late 2011, but they look to schedule many more performances in the future.

All of The Everywhere Kids went to the same high school and middle school although they did not all meet until 2009. Jonathan and Sean went to middle school at the same time but never really knew each other. They used to pass by one another in the hallways a lot and one day started calling each other “The Everywhere Kid”.

The name “The Everywhere Kids” was suggested after names like “Himprov” and “Secret Meeting” had been turned down. “Himprov” posters had actually been printed in anticipation of advertisement but one fateful Sunday whilst attending an improv show in Vancouver, the name “The Everywhere Kids” was agreed upon and has often been shortened to TEK for ease.

The Kids